GABRIELLA - since 2022

Gabriella is the youngest member of our team – she’s just 16 years old!  Kate met Gabriella when she was just 5 years old (they are neighbors!)  In 2015, Kate helped Gabriella’s family find (and later train) their furry best friend, a rescue husky mix named Loki.  When Kate was teaching the family all of Loki’s new tricks and training skills, Gabriella was a natural at communicating with Loki and working her new obedience skills.  She was SO impressive at such a young age, Kate always joked that “G” would be the future owner of Happy Tails.  As the years went on, Gabriella helped Kate work some dogs at Happy Tails … just for fun!  She’s come to Happy Tails just to hang out, be a distraction, test some of the dogs’ obedience skills, help in puppy preschool and group classes … and as always, she was just a natural with dogs.  When G was old enough to work, she asked Kate about working at Happy Tails and now she works part-time when she isn’t in school or playing softball.