You can schedule your consultation in person at Happy Tails or virtually via phone call, FaceTime, or Zoom!

Scheduling a consultation with a certified, professional trainer is a great way for you and your dog(s) to meet a trainer and customize a solution that best meets your needs and gets you to your goals. This is an opportunity for you to discuss behavior issues and personality traits your dog may be exhibiting and we’ll prescribe what needs to be done to correct or manage your issues. You’ll want to budget 1-2 hours to meet with your trainer and during the session your trainer will ask you a lot of questions about your situation and allow you to ask your questions as well. We’ll give you feedback as to why your dog is doing what they do and advice on changes to make at home before formal training even starts. It will then end with a recommendation from your trainer on which of our programs are appropriate for your situation.

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Consultations are available Monday-Thursday from 9AM - 6PM.

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