Now what?!  What’s the family game plan for raising this new little one?   Have you thought about routine & schedule, nutrition, exercise, and personality development?  Are you ready with an action plan on how to crate and potty train your puppy?  Does everyone in the family understand how to manage unwanted behaviors?  Those early stages of your puppy’s life are BY FAR the MOST IMPORTANT.  Do you need guidance on how to navigate those first few months?  Happy Tails has your back!

The Puppy Development program at Happy Tails is a very unique opportunity for our team of expert dog trainers to help guide you through this important early stage.  The goal of this program is to aid in the development of your puppy’s brain and personality.  During this process we’re going to teach you three important things:

  1. How to prevent anxiety, fear and insecurity from developing (or getting worse if you’re already seeing signs)
  2. How to prevent aggression from developing (or getting worse if you’re already seeing signs)
  3. How to build confidence through proper socialization and feedback

Ideally, we want to start your puppy in our Puppy Development program at Happy Tails before your dog is 12 weeks old… but definitely before they are 5 months old.  Once they are past the early puppy stage, they are ready for formal training.

Sadly, as dogs grow up, far too many of them end up in shelters, or worse, euthanized every year due to behavior problems that you didn’t know how to control or manage – and most importantly, how to prevent!   Getting off to a great start at a young age is essential to ensure your puppy doesn’t end up becoming a statistic. By understanding how puppies learn and how to communicate with proper praise and motivation, you can stop bad behaviors from even developing.

Our goal with the Puppy Development program is to ensure puppy owners have the basic knowledge of how young dogs learn behaviors and to understand basic handling skills of your new pup. By learning proper communication between you and your puppy, as well as what is required for you as their leader, all will be on the right path to an enjoyable life with your well-balanced dog.

Ready to get started?  

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The Puppy Development Program Includes:

  • A virtual (Zoom) puppy orientation class (~2 hours)
  • Online puppy workbook that includes a TON of information on how to set you up for success  (including instructional videos)
  • Two (2) in-person classes at Happy Tails to do hands-on work with our trainers (each ~2 hours).  One class focuses on handling exercises with your puppy, dog, human and object socialization and confidence building exercises.  The other class will include a Transitional Leash and instruction on how to use it to manage and control your puppy in high-stress or high-energy environments.

After you complete your puppy development courses, you’re pup will be ready for formal training (private lessons or a resident training program).  You’ll make a game plan with your trainer as to what is best for you!




  • Crate Training Tips
  • Potty Training Instructions
  • Socialization Tips
  • Aggression Prevention
  • Anxiety Prevention
  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • Learn How to Communicate With Your Puppy & Read Body Language
  • Tips on How to Manage & Control Unwanted Behaviors
  • A List of Do’s & Dont’s
  • Routine & Schedule Tips
  • Proper Games & Toys For Your Pup
  • A Plan For Future Behavior Training
  • Virtual (Online) and In-Class (Hands On) Learning
All puppy development participants receive discounts on advanced training at Happy Tails!


Do you want a great resource that will help you be a better puppy parent? Being a good dog owner is all about creating structure, rules and boundaries using clear, consistent communication. Learning how to communicate with your dog is why you hire Happy Tails! But understanding how dogs see the world and how they interpret things you do is important in being the best leader you can for your dog. We strongly recommend all of our customers read The Good Dog Way by Sean O’Shea. You can order it online or you can save on shipping and purchase it at Happy Tails!

As soon as you schedule your consultation at Happy Tails, your Puppy Worksheets link & password will be emailed to you. Once you receive the worksheets link, you will not be eligible for a refund if you decide to not participate in classes or your orientation. There will be no partial refund of you cannot make any of the online or in-person classes. Thank you for your understanding.

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