Chris - since 2016

Chris has always had a lot of passions in his life but never really knew where he’d end up. One thing he’s always loved was animals.  Chris was the kid always bringing home stray dogs whenever he found them running loose.  He found out about Happy Tails when he was working at an animal hospital and we did a presentation to their staff about our programs.  It was at that point Chris discovered exactly what he wanted to be.  A dog trainer!  Chris started at Happy Tails in 2015 as a Kennel Assistant and then received his Master Certification from National K9 School for Dog Trainers in March 2017.

“I can truly say I love my job. Not only is my job fulfilling in so many ways, I get to do something that I absolutely love. Working with the dogs at our facility every day has been such a blessing. I build relationships with each dog and help them be their best.  Some of these dogs have been rescued from horrifying backgrounds. The biggest joy in my career is saying that even though these dogs have been through the worst case scenario’s, I’ve found that the training we provide can help these pups build confidence, get over fears, help with anxiety, and so much more!  Not only do I get to help these amazing dogs, I also get to help families have a fulfilling and loving relationship with their dogs. I love helping people and I get to do it by working with their dogs. I feel so blessed in so many ways since becoming a trainer at Happy Tails.  If anyone is looking for help with their dog then look no further.  Our crew at Happy Tails has got your back!”