Kailynn began working at Happy Tails in January 2019 as a full-time trainer. She graduated from National K9 School for Dog Trainers in March 2019. Since a young age, she has always cared for animals ranging from her personal family pets to those of extended family and friends. If someone has an animal related question or needs help with handling, she is the one they turn to, regardless of species. Her desire, interest, and life’s passion is to aid as a mentor to build better relationships between humans and their animal companions. “Interspecies Interpreter,” is the dream job-title she aspires to.

Kailynn initially determined that the veterinary field was where her skills would be best utilized, and began attending the veterinary technician program at Macomb Community College in 2014. While in school, she began working at local veterinary clinics, staring out as a client service coordinator and quickly transitioning to a veterinary technician. She found the hands-on atmosphere highly educational and deeply enjoyed providing her clients with knowledge, and their animals with TLC.  The experience provided her with a more thorough understanding of animal husbandry and enrichment, which further sparked her interest to gain insight into animal behavior caused by external stimuli and the internal mechanisms controlling behavior. Kailynn’s skill set gives her the ability to responsibly provide clients with the necessary tools and building blocks of communication required to ensure the human-animal bond has the greatest opportunity to flourish.