Resident Training Programs

Resident training programs tend to give dogs and their owners the most superior results because our professional trainers do all the work!  Whether you are going away on vacation, you’re too busy to train your dog, or maybe you just don’t want to do the work… resident programs are for you.  If you’re looking for superior results, resident programs are your best option.

Your trainer will customize a program for you based on your needs, which could range from staying with us for a few days to a few weeks.  You’ll arrange a time to drop your dog off at our training center, we will do the work for you and upon graduation, we send home a happy, well-behaved dog that knows his or her manners in every possible scenario.  We will work with your dog to perfect their manners in real-life situations, such as greeting people without jumping or acting “crazy”.  We set your dog up in everyday scenarios to ensure you (and your dog!) can handle every situation and every distraction.

While you will have one primary personal trainer teaching your dog how to behave, your dog will be exposed to all trainers to ensure he maintains his newly learned manners no matter who they are with.  Most of the learning will take place at the Happy Tails Learning Center, however, we will also bring your dog to everyday places to practice what they’ve learned, like pet stores, Partridge Creek Mall, local parks, resident neighborhoods, etc.

After your dog completes his training course, you and your family will be trained how to use and enjoy the results of training. You will learn all the commands, training tools & techniques so you can maintain your new dog’s manners for the rest of your life!

Since each program is customized for your specific needs and budget, you will start with a consultation with a trainer to determine what is best for your situation.  All prices include boarding, play time and exercise, as well as private lessons to learn how to maintain your new dogs’ behaviors.

Benefits of Resident Training Programs
(as compared to private lessons w/ a Happy Tails Trainer):

  • Better Results.  If we do private lessons with you and your dog, we have approximately 1 hour to teach you how to be a Happy Tails dog trainer.  With private lessons that is what we are doing…  We are training you to be your dog’s trainer.  If you had 1 hour per week to train US to do what YOU do for a living, would we be as good as you?   Most likely not.  It’s nothing personal!  Each trainer has more than 5 years experience as a trainer – and you’ll have one hour after your first lesson.  With resident programs, we take all the guess work out and the room for human error.   We do the tough work for you and then we teach you how to simply maintain what your dog has learned.
  • Quicker Results.  As an example, it would take 12-15 private lessons over 4-6 months to work toward the same goals you’d receive in a 19-Day Resident Training Program. If you chose private lessons over a resident training program, results would depend on your skill level as a dog trainer and the time and commitment you put into training your dog.
  • More Fair to Your Dog.  Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re more likely to make a lot more mistakes with your dog if we are training you how to train them — simply for the fact that you’re not a dog trainer.  You aren’t going to have any idea what you’re doing until we spend time teaching you and you gain experience.  During resident programs, every handler of the leash knows how to fairly and effectively communicate with your dog.
  • Easier on Your Dog.  With private lessons, we are forced to push your dog harder to get results because we have about an hour to get them.  During resident programs, we can take our time and work with your dog’s learning curve.
  • They get a Lot More than ‘Command’ Training.  During resident programs, ALL dogs get work on socialization and desensitization with people, objects, noises, etc.  We incorporate a lot of confidence building exercises.  We set up unique situations and work them through exercises that help build confidence and have fun while doing them.


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