Private Lessons

Every dog and every person needs training.  And every dog is trainable!  Training the dog is easy, but 90% of the time we’re spending with you and your dog, we’re actually training YOU how to manage your dog!  Dogs are simple, but you first have to understand how they work.  That’s why we’re here to teach you!

During private lessons, we are training you how to train your dog.  We are essentially teaching you how to be your dog’s trainer.  And then each day, during the time you are away from us, you are doing lessons and training your dog before we come back the following week to teach you more.

One thing that is unique about Happy Tails is we don’t try to fit you into a pre-arranged class or our own agenda; we customize a program that matches your needs.  After you learn the foundation for leadership in our puppy classes, you and your dog will never be subject to a class setting at Happy Tails.  Once a dog grows out of the puppy stages, they all have different and unique needs.  Therefore, you and your dog will work exclusively with one trainer during our private lessons (or a Resident Training Program) to accomplish what YOU want, not what our trainer wants you to learn.

You can correct and/or manage anything during these private lessons.

  • Basic Obedience (Heel, Sit, Down, Place, Come, Drop and/or Crate)
  • Good Manners
  • Pulling or Lunging on a leash
  • Housebreaking
  • Control in the House (No Stealing, Chewing)
  • Control Outside of the House (No Digging, Destruction)
  • Control the “Out of Control” Behavior (Hyperactivity)
  • Stop Barking
  • Young Dog Nipping & Biting
  • Minor Aggression (Dog or People) *More sever aggression might require a Resident Training Program
  • Minor Anxiety (Fear, Barrier Frustration, Separation, or General) *More sever anxiety might require a Resident Training Program

If time is an issue, lack of interest in training your dog or physical limitations are a factor, we also have Resident Training Programs (where we do all the up front work for you and then teach you how to maintain your trained dog).

 Not sure where to start?  We always begin with a Consultation with a Happy Tails Trainer!


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