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A few months ago now, my fiancé and I rescued a two-month-old German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog mix named Bruno. The day we met Bruno, he was the calmest and sweetest puppy out of the 8 that were at the rescue. Immediately falling in love with his cute face and relaxed demeanor, we adopted him on the spot. During the first month, he was everything we wanted in a puppy; loved to play, be held, and rarely caused any mischief. Month two was a completely different story. Bruno became extremely mouthy, continuously nipping and gnawing not only the walls in our house, but more often than not, we were his favorite chew toys. The more we corrected him, the more he would act out. We eventually broke down and had to reach out to somebody for help.

We came across Happy Tails online and they had nothing but highly rated reviews. When we called to setup a consultation, we explained our struggle with Bruno and were put on the schedule for the very next day, which was tremendously accommodating of them. During our consultation with Nick, he thoroughly explained the various programs they offered, from puppy preschool to obedience training. He was even so kind as to show us a couple of techniques, we could immediately use at home, to try and break Bruno of his mouthy habit. We signed up that day for Puppy Preschool and left completely impressed.

Puppy Preschool was a great program to get us introduced on how to understand our puppy’s behavior, socialize him with others, and effectively correct him. Throughout the classes, each trainer was willing to talk and work with us one-on-one. Every one of them sincerely cares so much about helping others and it shows. As a plus, for completing Puppy Preschool, you receive 20% off their residence-training program and 10% off one-on-one private lessons. We knew Bruno needed more structure, but we’re still hesitant, so Kate offered to come to our home and discuss the options further. When she stopped by, we were instantly drawn to her confidence and knowledge about the effectiveness of obedience training. That day we took advantage of the discounted pricing and enrolled him in the 19-day residence program, which also included 6 private lessons. Although Bruno was a pest, it was hard not seeing him for nearly 3 weeks, but it was the best decision we ever made! Not only did Bruno come back more focused and cooperative, but he was still his playful self and now a joy to be around everyday. Kate continued the training, with the private lessons, to work on life scenarios in which Bruno was not as strong at. Our third lesson was actually at Partridge Creek Mall and we were able to keep Bruno completely focused on us, while ignoring the distraction of all the shoppers and other dogs! We love Kate, as she has been nothing short of amazing!!!

We are currently “banking” our remaining private lessons, as we have complete control of our house again, while still being able to enjoy the perks of owning a puppy. Do not hesitate giving them a call, as training your dog is a lifelong investment. Happy Tails improved our lives immensely and we cannot thank them enough!

Chad & Christie Anderson
Macomb, MI


This is the second time I have used Happy Tails for training. We had Courtney help us this time and she was amazing. Coal responded immediately! I work at an animal hospital and recommend them to everyone!!

Susan Spitsen
Springfield Twp, MI
Auburn Animal Hospital


The vet clinic where I work (Marysville Veterinary Clinic) refers our clients to Happy Tails for training, so when my husband and I got a puppy this winter we went there too! We found the Puppy Consultation and Puppy Preschool to be very helpful in laying a foundation for good behavior and mutual trust and respect. We went on to do obedience training with Nick as well. We get lots of compliments on how well behaved Gulliver is (and only 7 months old!) on a leash and at home. As a Veterinary Technician people expect me to know all about dog training, but training is a whole different field from health care. I always refer them to the experts at Happy Tails!

Rebecca Darling
Harsen’s Island, MI
Marysville Veterinary Clinic


Marquel has completely changed the life of our dogs and our family! We couldn’t get our two Bulldogs to walk w/out pulling making it impossible for me to walk them alone, especially in the icy winters! Now we are able to walk them w/ ease, the stop when we stop and walk at our pace. We are able to put them in a down position when they get too excited and are jumping on people. The dogs seem so much more relaxed and we can all enjoy each other so much more! Marquel gave such great attention to them and still checks in on their progress over a year later 🙂 We couldn’t be more happy!

Suzy & Cory Emmerton
Birmingham, MI


Thank you Marquel and Happy Tails!

We are very happy with the help and training tools you provided us!Bailey

After months of pulling on the leash and jumping on pretty much everybody we decided we needed some help in training our year and a half old golden retriever. We googled around and found Happy Tails. The first session was 3 days long and he came back as a different dog! Same energy but didn’t pull on the leash nor did he jump anymore. Best of all, he learned to listen to us! Marquel who worked with him changed his bad behavior in 3 days! Seeing the results, Marquel told us about step 2. Walking without a leash. With the results of step 1, in our mind, taking step 2 was a no-brainer. So after 6 days of training, Bailey is now rarely on leash anymore – it’s so amazing! We have told all our friends with dogs that this is the place to send your dog if you need help in any way.

Big thank you Marquel and Happy Tails for changing our lives!


Nik, Katinka and Bailey
Birmingham, MI


Dog training. I don’t frequently write referrals or post to Facebook but I wanted to let Courtney know what’s up with my dog after his training. You will notice that I didn’t say “complete” because I continue to work with our 55 pound 16 month old golden doodle. 55 pounds is a handful no matter how you look at it.

Initially, I figured that I could train the pup because I grew up with a poodle who was trained at an obedience school and was very well behaved all of her life. After buying a barking collar, a remote field training collar and a pinch collar I realized that I had probably wasted my money. I used all of the online support for the products but still had a 55 pound active dog that was difficult to take on walks around the corner or down the street.

Needed some help! Checked with a friend and found they used Happy Tails.

It took a while for their trainer to schedule time to come to the house and talk with us but it was worth it. You could tell that Courtney was an experienced trainer. She talked about the issues we faced everyday with our young dog. We talked at length about the way we lived with the dog and what we wanted to accomplish with his behavior. She explained the benefits and pricing of each of their training options and found a plan that worked with my time table and wallet. I was lucky because we were able to schedule training during my lunch hour at home. There was flexibility too. When my schedule interfered with the training schedule, we worked it out and ended up completing six sessions over an eight week period.

I purchased the remote field training collar suggested by Tails and continue to use it today. He obeys a few hand signals. I can take my dog for a walk and his leash stays slack most of the time as he walks(heals) next to me. I do have to be aware of what will set him off (rabbits) but when I am aware, I have the tools to use to prepare my dog and me to address “high anxiety”. My wife is just beginning to take the leash and it will require additional work but I know she feels more comfortable. And…the training did take time and effort on the family’s part and still does.

It was all worth it thanks Happy Tails and Courtney!

John Broman
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI


Today was Bentley’s last day of follow up in home training after his three week residency program. From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank Happy Tails enough!!! Bentley before training was not listening to us and he started getting into a bad cycle of barking, sounding ferocious, and running along our invisible fence line trying to be too territorial! Bentley was getting to a point where I didn’t know how to take back control. He ran our house basically. My husband and I have always wanted the best for Bentley. As dog owners, we owe it to him and ourselves to bring out the best in him. It is our responsibility. I know many would think sending ones beloved pet off to a facility is an extreme measure, but the beautiful part was that the trainers are loving, compassionate, patient and know their craft!!! They took the burden off of us and took over. He came back knowing so much. We have a well behaved, confident, proud, dog that listens to our commands!! As I have mentioned in prior posts, the training was as much for us, as it was for him!! The training was so worth it!! Bentley also has some allergy issues and gets two shots weekly. They were more than willing and capable of administering them. They truly have a dog’s best interest at heart in all aspects! I loved all the trainers that I met at Happy Tails and I thank each and every one of you!! As hard as it was for us to not have him here, I had complete confidence that he was in loving and caring hands! Courtney, I also want to thank you for always just being a phone call or text away! All of you make it known that clients can always call with any questions or concerns!! Happy Tails thank you, thank you, thank you! You All Rock!!!

Linda Sarmiento
Troy, MI


We love Happy Tails! Our 5 month old Lab Dodger, is there for resident training and we can’t believe the things he has learned in such a short time. He seems so much calmer and we love how he looks at the trainers for direction, a sign of respect. The training was customized for our families needs. I have even given Kate a call when I get “Dodger withdrawals”and she will send us a video or pic, even interrupting her lunch once to get a video, now that’s customer service! Thanks to all the trainers helping us to achieve a well balanced and happy dog for our family to enjoy for many years. We can’t wait to see him after the training is done. Hugs to Dodger!

Dolores Schneider
Fraser, MI


I just completed training with Nick at Happy tails. Nick has given me the tools and the knowledge to continue to teach Lacey(my dog). When I brought Lacey to Happy tails I was faced with a decision that I did not want to make. My vet suggested Happy tails so I called them. I had my first appointment back in May and talked to Nick. He gave me the option of 3 weeks in house training or 9 weeks of 1/1 training. I chose the 1/1 training since I had to learn how to manage my dog. After 9 weeks of training Nick has taught me and gave me the confidence to trust Lacey as her to trust me. After 9 weeks we are off leash training as Lacey is doing great and I am so happy I made the decision to take her to Happy tails I talk to whoever will listen about Happy tails and Nick and what a great experience we had there. I would highly recommend Happy tails to anyone who asked about dog training. Great job to Nick and the rest of the team that helped with Lacey’s training it is so appreciated. We still have work to do but now I know how to do it!!!!!!!!! THANKS. I will miss our once a week visit but not the 2 hour drive to get there!!! LOL. That tells you what a great job they do at Happy tails. 🙂

Susan Clark
Port Sanilac, MI


My 3 year old rat terrier mix, Zero Oliver, and I are currently taking training lessons with trainer Nick. In just 3 lessons, Zero has improved behavior and continues to learn. It’s a little expensive but it’s worth it. I would recommended Happy Tails to anyone! I will be sad when we no longer need training!

Stacy Sumpter
Clinton Twp, MI


Happy tails was amazing! We took our morkie puppy Bogey to the puppy classes, which was such a great start, then we put him in residence training. We now have a very well behaved little Morkie who listens and can go for off leash walks and run around our huge unfenced backyard! Bogey and us both enjoy our freedom of having a well behaved dog and now we can truly enjoy our many years together. All the staff was amazing at Happy Tails and we loved our trainer Bethany! She was amazing and extremly helpful in every aspect of our entire process. Thank you so much Happy Tails, we love you!!! Xo

Brett, Kelsey and Bogey Braiden
Romeo, MI



I have a 3 year old Pomeranian named Abbe’ After tolerating so much bad behavior decided to get some behavior training. My husband & I never in a million years thought it would be possible to train her. Not only were we wrong be Abbe’ continues to amaze us with her progress time after time. Our trainer has been beyond fantastic… Thank You Courtney! Thank You Happy Tails!!

Norb & Deb Czajkowski
St. Clair, MI


I heard about happy tails from a Co worker. My dog is 4 and was an “excited” walker. She had been to three other behavior classes elsewhere, as a puppy, but still struggled with walking. After only 3 classes Riley was a changed walker. I can not only depend on her to stay by my side when we walk, but I also feel safe knowing she will not wiggle out of a harness, loose collar or gentle leader. She now has a reliable safe metal collar and she walks like a new dog. I am able to walk next to other dogs without her pulling as well as in groups of others and she still stays next to me. When we get home from walking my hand is not bruised from holding the leash so tight and we are able to enjoy our walks and come home feeling relaxed and refreshed 🙂 Thank you to Nick for helping us and teaching Riley the correct skills to be a perfect little walker.

Lindsay Knop
Macomb, MI


My husband and I are absolutely thrilled with the results we are getting from Happy Tails! We chose to do the in-home private training lessons. Our dog is a two year old maltese/poodle rescue. When we first had him home with us, he was quiet and quite angelic. One month later he came out of his shell. He started to respect only my husband and began constant biting and barking at me and even at my parents. He became very difficult to control when he got in his “fits”. I wasn’t able to calm him down without my husband home. We finally called Happy Tails and were set up with our wonderful trainer, Bethany. She came right to our apartment and observed Peyton and asked us what our issues were with him. We were able to decide on how many training lessons we wanted (we picked all of them), which was great because they really try to suit your needs. Within the first lesson, Bethany was a miracle worker and had Peyton doing a “heel”. I was watching in disbelief. It really is an amazing sight! I was completely sold after that. I do not know how she did it, but he was focused on her and was walking like a pro. Bethany then handed him off to me and had me practice with him, which is how all of the lessons have been going. Our last lesson is coming up and Peyton is a completely different dog. He knows “heel”, “sit”, “down”, “place”, “come”, and she has taught us how to use these commands in our daily life with him. We couldn’t be happier. Not to mention Peyton absolutely loves her! I would highly recommend Happy Tails for any of your training needs. They have a variety of programs to choose from too! If Bethany can train Peyton, any dog can be trained, trust me!

Brigitte West
Shelby Twp, MI


Ozzy was a very busy 18 month golden doodle. Not a bad dog in any way, but one who wanted to pull you along on the leash, jump on your visitors relentlessly, bark incessantly when you weren’t in the same room, and unfortunately, eat his own apparently delicious feces on a daily basis.

Ozzy took a vacation to Happy Tails and worked with Bethany for 3 weeks and EVERYTHING CHANGED. Everything we were frustrated by, confused about, even grossed out about, changed. We got our puppy back, without any of the bad puppy behaviors!

I’ve told Bethany several times now that she and the team at Happy Tails have changed my and my family’s LIFE. After only three weeks of work by the Trainers, we can truly enjoy our dog. On command he sits, downs, heels, goes potty (!) and even drops socks out of his mouth- on command! He no longer jumps on people but sits patiently while they greet and pet him. He is the same dog, same lovable and goofy personality, but 100% more pleasant to be around and live with. Even our friends are amazed and cannot believe the drastic and positive change in him. He is now the best behaved dog we have ever had.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU BETHANY and HAPPY TAILS– One of our best investments for happiness and peace within our family!

Monica Lambert
Rochester, MI


We recently finished our training with Marquel and are happy with the progress we made!! With a baby on the way, we knew we had to step up and teach our pup some basic manners but weren’t quite sure where to start. We learned about all of the options through Happy Tails and decided on an in-home 1on1 training package…we are so pleased! Marquel was great; very knowledgeable and helpful and was always checking in “after hours” to see how our progress was going in between sessions. She is passionate about her work and does a great job!! We look forward to attending a pup prance session at partridge creek! 🙂

Lauren Osmanski
Fraser, MI


When our Golden Retriever, Cooper, was 6 months old, we sent him to the Happy Tails residency 2 week training program. Cooper mastered tons of commands and after the program, the team worked with me so I understood how to maintain the training.

Cooper is now 9 months old and extremely well behaved!! We still have Happy Tails come to our house twice a week for walks and training touch ups.

I highly recommend Happy Tails to anyone looking for their dog to become obedient and well behaved!

Angela Deliz
Macomb, MI


We just completed training with Marquel at Happy Tails. Our puppy, Khali, used to drag us down the sidewalk. Now, she walks perfectly along side of us. Most importantly, we learned the skills to continue to teach Khali good behavior! I would recommend training at Happy Tails to anyone. Marquel was always very helpful and great with Khali! If we had any questions or concerns, she was there with an answer/suggestion.

Taylor & Dalton
Chestefield, MI


I don’t know what we would have done without Happy Tails and Marquel! The training that Leo has gotten so far has made such a difference in our everyday lives. The place command is by far my favorite and I use it daily. I would recommend Happy Tails to anyone!!!

Madeline Doss
Harrison Twp, MI


Kate was amazing at our consultation! She taught us some awesome techniques, and I can’t wait for the puppy class!

Shaylin Dudzinski
Clinton Twp, MI


After only one session my golden was walking on a leash without pulling me down the street! Wish I had called sooner!

Jill Doll
New Baltimore, MI


The best money I’ve ever spent. They’re patient and knowledgeable. They helped me be a more responsible dog owner and give my pup the happy life he deserves!!!!

Natalie Pacitto
Macomb, MI


Happy Tails is amazing! I highly recommend them for anyone looking for dog training after just 3 lessons my dog is so much better behaved! They really love what they do and it shows.

Jenni Kincaid
Macomb, MI


Awesome experience! Kate was very informative and gave my wife and I amazing information on do’s and don’ts for our puppy! If it wasn’t for Kate our Henry would have grown up the wrong way and now we know what to do! Thanks Happy Tails!! 🙂

Angela & Tim Kimble
Macomb, MI


Thank you Happy Tails!! We brought in our 7 month old golden doodle, Simba, for the 3 week resident training course and brought home a beautifully trained and happy dog. Everyone who works here loves dogs and it shows. They were very helpful through the whole process from the first evaluations through the transition back home after the training. We were relative newbies to having a dog and Happy Tails helped us with all our new dog worries and concerns. They helped us to smoothly and confidently integrate Simba into our family. We can’t thank them enough for all that they have done for Simba and us!! Thank you!!

Prameela Patel
Birmingham, MI


Where do I start…our dog Loki was trained by Happy Tails owner and trainer Kate. We like to take Loki with us when we go to our kids baseball and soccer games. When ever we go, we get so many compliments on how well behaved she is. Dogs around her are jumping and barking and I use her place command and she lays on a blanket and I can relax and watch my kids games. Walks with Loki are so relaxing. I use her remote trainer to walk her off leash in a heal command. We also love to go to Pup Prance on Friday mornings at Partridge Creek to practice and brush up on all that Loki has learned. The Happy Tails Trainers are there to assist and answer any questions you have. I would highly recommend Happy Tails to any dog owner.

Jen Mecca
Macomb, MI


I cannot say enough great things about Happy Tails! First of all the customer service is great. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming when I first walked in. My dog HAD major issues walking on a leash. It got to the point where I couldn’t walk her because she pulled me so bad. Within minutes Bethany was able to get Sophie to walk in the ‘heel’ position. Most important I was able to walk my dog in the ‘heel’ position. It is a joy to be able to walk my dog again and not have my dog walk me. I look forward to many more trainings there. Thank you!!!

Lauren Kiehle
Shelby Twp, MI


When we rescued our dog Gracie back in 2013 one of the best pieces of advice we received from a LDDR volunteer was…if and when we seek dog training, if possible find a one-on-one trainer. That advice lead me to contacting HappyTails. We had an in-home consultation with Marquel and the rest is history. Training with Marquel proved to be one of the best decisions we made for Gracie and our entire family. Happy Tails dog training is so effective and valuable in every day life with our dog, I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with what we all learned. Even now, 2 years later, I love to take Gracie to the Happy Tails’ hosted Pup Prance walks on Friday mornings at Partridge Creek. We get to meet up with the Happy Tails gang, some of their clients and dogs in training, and any others who come join the walk. There, Gracie gets to practice her calm walking skills with other dogs and we all get to enjoy the company of each other all while getting in our morning dog walk. Each and every one of the Happy Tails trainers I have met are amazing and insightful dog owners with so much knowledge to share. Thanks to Marquel and Happy Tails, Gracie is a happy, healthy, well-behaved addition to our family.

Julie Frontiero-Boykin
Macomb, MI


I used happy tails for puppy preschool, potty breaks and residency training! Kate has been amazing and so patient with giving us the tools to have a well trained dog. She still works with Lucy twice a week to keep her skills sharp! Using happy tails has been the most positive experience and would recommend to anyone!

Angela Mancuso
Macomb, MI


I took my daughter’s dog, Riley, to lessons while she was staying with us. She is a small dog but very strong and detetmined. She would pull during walks and chase everything in sight. Nick had her healing by his side in minutes! She didn’t care for being told what to do by me but Nick gave me many suggestions and I am happy to say that Riley has come a long way in only three lessons. She is a pleasure to take for a walk now. More lessons will be scheduled soon to learn other commands.

Cheryl Hines
Shelby Twp, MI


Marquel is great. She really helped us with our new puppy! People are amazed at the difference in him! Very happy! Plan on continuing with more training!!!

Tricia Rosneck
Macomb, MI


Our schnauzer is very very stubborn…to the point We wanted to give up on him. Wow! Just ONE session with Bethany and we have seen immediate changes! We can’t wait for our next training session! Bethany is awesome! And, best of all, we are enjoying our walks with Bruno now. Thank you!

Jennifer Owings
Macomb, MI


We love Happy Tails and especially our trainer Marquel. Our Dalmatian Yahtzee, was very hyper and always running out the door and thru the neighborhood any chance he could. He is now the best Dal we have owned. Calm and trained for off leash, so we can let him out to run and he comes back with just one command. Thank you so much, Marquel.

Paula Matheny
Troy, MI


Happy Tails is amazing and so is our trainer Marquel! We researched numerous programs to find the best fit. Happy Tails was perfect for us and our dog Summer. We have a brand new dog…literally….from the dog we adopted. Highly recommend the Residency Program. Truly unbelievable what is accomplished in such a short period of time. Thank you Happy Tails!
Facebook post from Robin Oliver.

The 12 day resident program should be called the 12 day miracle!!! Marquel took our 2 year old rescue dog from an out of control rebel to a perfectly mannered princess. The whole family cannot believe the transformation. I didn’t see an option for 10 stars so I had to choose 5. Give Happy Tails a try….you won’t be disappointed!!!
Facebook post from Scott Oliver

Robin & Scott Oliver
Shelby Twp, MI


We had our first puppy consultation last night with Marquel and learned so much. We started putting what we learned into practice right away and have been amazed at the great progress our puppy Zoey has made in only 24 hours!! We are excited for puppy preschool classes next Wednesday. Thanks so much!!!

Kristin Scirpter
Royal Oak, MI


When Matt decided to get a dog, I had no idea what an Australian Shepherd was. Not only what her temper would be like but how she would walk on a leash, or even interact with other dogs. We decided to take Izzy around Partridge Creek one day and she was freaking out. This girl Marquel Eckhout reached out her hand with some silly sign up for a free consultation for dog training. I go “OH OK THANKS!” And Matt goes we can win a free training session lets do it. The rest is history. We now go to Pup Prance most, if not all, Friday’s and love seeing all the trainers at HappyTails. HappyTails has changed how we interact with not only Izzy but with other dogs as well. We could never thank Marquel and the team enough for everything they have done in the past couple years. Truly thankful. Life would be awful without HappyTails.

Katie McDougall
Shelby Twp, MI


THANK YOU Nick and Courtney for giving me the guidance and support I needed to keep Celia and Apple the happiest of Dogs!

Sandie Isho
Clinton Twp, MI


Dear Pet Owner:

I am writing to share my experience with Happy Tails Trainers, who had given exceptional care and training to our maltese dog, Noah. Kate came to us through a referral from two different family friends. We had just brought a new puppy home in November and needed someone to come in to our home and help acclimate him, “us”, to his new home.

I was extremely worried about going to work and leaving him alone, and raising a new puppy properly to not have bad habits develop. When I first met Kate, I liked her right away because she had a calm demeanor and got right down to Noah’s level to greet him. He seemed very comfortable with her. She also listened to my concerns and was willing to work with me to meet all of Noah’s and our family needs. We signed-up for puppy preschool, and it was a great experience for our entire family. “We” were definitely getting the best training. Being impressed, confident and feeling completely comfortable with Kate and her team, we decided to sign Noah up for a 3 week residential training program. Noah did great! It is an amazing learning program for any dog.

Of course the training does not stop there, they follow up, and continue to support our family with Noah. Kate was also very accommodating with changes in my schedule and always returned my phone calls promptly.
I highly recommend Kate and her team at Happy Tails to you as trainers for your pets. I feel she truly cares about animals and is genuinely concerned about their well-being. Kate has been a great help to us, allowing us to enjoy our dog, even with the demands of a busy work and travel life!

The Acorns

Sara & Steve Acorn
Macomb, MI


BEST experience EVER!!! We never thought our 5 year old Snorkie whose name is Max could ever be trained to come when called, actually WALK when put on the leash and taken out, and “Place”….who does that…..Max does, that’s who!!!! I did our training with Courtney (who by the way is AMAZING!!!) and my husband would come home from work and see the difference in Max on a daily basis. Even our neighbor couldn’t get over how calm Max has become and how well he listens.

We were hesitant to do the training for a couple of reasons (cost and couldn’t believe it would work) and had even spent about a month just talking about IF we should do it! I don’t know what we were thinking waiting so long! We can’t get over the change in our pup and he just seems so much happier. Calling Happy Tails was the best decision we could have made, not just for Max but for us too!! Max wasn’t the only one who needed training….I did too, and boy did I learn A LOT!!!

And Courtney became a part of our family, and I just don’t know what we are going to do without her weekly visits!! Thank you Courtney so very much!! You and Cloud made training fun and you taught me how to be a better parent to Max!! ❤️

Frank, Ann & Max Ardigo
St. Clair, MI



My lab mix, Ash is 9. He has always been hard to walk…nearly impossible because of his exuberance and pulling. My 8 year old Labradoodle, Ridley, likes to be in charge and pulled as well. They went to residential Happy Tails training last week. It is incredible how much they have been transformed. Today was our follow up. I was able to walk both dogs! It was a joy! They even walked next to the trainer’s dog without reacting. I feel like I have a brand new relationship with my dogs. Thanks!!!!!!

Diana Stover
Rochester Hills, MI


Thank you Courtney and Happy Tails Learning Center for Dogs! Walking with my dog, Lexi, was just no fun at all… not for me and not for her. It was a constant battle… one of us was pulling on the other the whole time! Add to that my constant fussing at her, and well, it was easier and more pleasant to leave her at home. Sad and not, at all, fair to Lexi. She is a great dog and deserved better.
After some research, we called Happy Tails and met with Courtney. From our first meeting, it was evident that she is polite, professional, and very knowledgeable. Throughout the training sessions, it was evident that she is also compassionate, gentle, and fun! Lexi and I both looked forward to class every week and had a great time. Here is the best news – by the end of the first session, Lexi was no longer pulling on the leash! One session… leash problem solved (it’s still hard for me to believe!). Courtney also worked with Lexi on “down” and “place” and general good manners. She shared tons of information with us, answered all of our questions, and was even available for questions between sessions. Because of Courtney and Happy Tails, I will now, confidently, take Lexi anywhere, and she will never again be left at home while I go out walking! We had our final “official” session this evening and aside from adopting Lexi, choosing to go to Courtney and Happy Tails is the very best thing that we could have done for our girl. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Char Sipe
Clinton Twp, MI


I adopted a wild and crazy white boxer puppy, she is deaf so she was extremely hard to control. We call her white lightning! Lol. her name is really Maxi. We Set up training with Bethany at happy tails, she got to see first hand just how wild she was! I was so impressed with the first 10 minutes of training, she had her paying attention, and healing her very first class! I immediately set up more classes. What a difference my puppy is now! We take her for walks and she is so well behaved! She met an older gentleman and didn’t knock him down! And she met another dog on our walk and she sat still and wiggled her behind! She did awesome! Can’t wait for more outings with her! She is still a little to excited at home when someone comes over, but we are working on that. Very happy with happy tails and their exceptional trainers. Thank you Bethany! 🙂

Kelly Webster
Sterling Heights, MI


Happy Tails has helped turn our Mona into wonderfully obedient pooch! She started out very hyper at first and within a few weeks she was no longer jumping, chasing squirrels, or barking at other dogs. I get daily compliments when taking her for walks, i.e. “Wow, she’s very well behaved.”

This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Happy Tails and their trainer Bethany. I would recommend this place to anyone. This price is great and the training will last a lifetime.

Matthew Cieslinski
Shelby Twp, MI


I have enrolled my puppy in puppy class, I went to three classes and learned something new every visit. I am so glad I went. My puppy is happy I went!!!! I also had Marquel come to my home she was excellent with my older puppy, Again I was thrilled with what we Grace my puppy and I learned. We r all doing so much better since our experience with Happy Tails.
Thank You Happy Tails from Grace and Belle; my parents learned a lot we are so much happier since they came to see you.

Anna Kilyk
Port Huron, MI


Our little girl Tenne (Tenn-e), a beautiful Catahoula Leopard was born deaf. We tried unsuccessfully to find information to help us learn how to train her. We made up some easy signs and she did well but we needed help on a few problem areas. My husband saw a Happy Tails vehicle on his way home from work. I called and scheduled a consultation in our home. We met with Bethany and discussed our goals, the problems we were having and answered any questions. We signed up for a series of training sessions and she would design a program based on our goals. On our first session Bethany won Tenne’s respect and admiration, as well as mine. Her dedication is evident in all she does. We simply adore Bethany! My girl is learning her signs quickly and training is great. I would highly recommend Happy Tails! Knowledge, guidance, kindness, compassion, respect, friendliness, happiness, wonderful trainer and love – that’s what we received from Happy Tails!

Tenne, Cindi and Mike
Warren, MI


My wife and I knew we needed some help to get our Sadie under control (she has a very energetic personality), but a previous trainer had us thinking it would be near impossible to get her properly trained. We finally decided to make the call to Happy Tails a few months later, after hearing about them from my wife’s cousin (who has had one of her dogs trained here as well). We witnessed what they were able to do with her dog Samson, and we were very impressed. So we had to find out more. Sadie has now completed a 2 week residency with her trainer, Nick, and the progress she has made in that short time is amazing! We can’t wait to continue working with Nick to make even more progress with Sadie. You can clearly see that not only Nick, but everyone at Happy Tails, shares a true passion and love for what they do. The training is just getting started, but we can already tell that great things are to come with our Sadie! Thank you for the great work you do Happy Tails!

Chris, Kendra, and Sadie Flemming
Clinton Twp, MI


We were at our wits end with our 8 month old golden doodle, Shandy and decided to schedule a consultation with Happy Tails. We met with Nick and were impressed with his dog training background and booked 6 sessions with him over the course of 2 months. Nick was a wonderful trainer – extremely successful with Shandy & a wealth of knowledge. Our trainings are done and Shandy is great on a leash & her in-home behavior is improving. We are still working on place & she is greatly improving. We love that Nick is available via text to help us when we have a question and love that we can get some tips at Pup Prance even after our training sessions are complete. Thank you Happy Tails for making our life more manageable by helping us train a well-behaved dog!

Tracy Krzezewski
Clinton Twp, MI


Lexi has only had a few lessons with Nick, but she is doing great and I am amazed at her progress. I enjoy practicing her homework with her each week. I wish I knew about Happy Tails sooner!

Shana Romancheck
Roseville, MI


Hands down the best move we could have ever made for our dogs! We have a 4 year old Boxer and 1 year old Beagle Mix. After our consult with Courtney we ended up going with the 3 week residency for the Beagle and are now working through 5 at home trains with the Boxer. Both methods have shown excellent results and we finally have a common language to work with our dogs and have gained mutual respect. We have gotten so many compliments about the difference in behavior in just one month of training, we can’t wait to see how much further they progress over time. Thank you, thank you!!!

UPDATED NOTE: Hi there! I just wanted to drop you guys a note to say thank you again for dedicating your days to properly training dogs so we can all enjoy our time together regardless of life’s changes. I was reminded today how so many people give up their pets when a new baby joins the family. While I can understand the fear and anxiety, proper training eliminated all of that for us and we are so glad we can watch our daughter grow up playing with our first two furry kids ☺ From the bottom of our hearts thank you thank you!!


Jayne Monroe
West Bloomfield, MI


I always find writing reviews to be the worst. Right next to going to the doctors. I’m not at all unhappy to be writing this one! I can’t say enough how much I really enjoy working with Happy Tails and the cool people it so happens to employ! Very flexible, easy going while being consistent and firm. Everything you AND your dog need! Would not hesitate to recommend to a friend and have to several already!

Jillian Mae
Harrison Twp, MI


Happy Tails was recommended to my husband and I from our vet, for our new puppy (Amore). Amore (who was very curious with tons of energy!!) went through puppy preschool with Jake and we had such success initially we wanted to continue with obedience training! Amore just finished 4 weeks of one on one obedience with Jake and we couldn’t be more pleased! She is just barely 7 months old and has calmed down tremendously, no more biting/nipping, will sit/lay down/stay in place on command – it’s amazing!! My husband and I constantly look at each other and ask “is this really our dog??!” The progress has been great for her and a learning experience for us. Happy Tails and Jake have supported us the entire time and we look forward to continuing with the next phase of obedience! Would recommend Happy Tails to anyone with a pup (and I’ll add that we drive 45 mins one way to get there too!!)

Adriane Lemanski
Birmingham, MI


I absolutely recommend Happy Tails to any dog owner looking to train their dog. At first I was hesitant but now I firmly believe that it was money well spent. Marquel is a great teacher and I would recommend her as a trainer because she is very knowledgeable, patient, and very well educated about the behavior of dogs.

Esteven Casillas
Kimball, MI


My boyfriend’s puggle Junior has always been very reactive to other dogs while on leash to the point where he’ll start coughing and choking because of how hard he Junioris barking and pulling towards them. It was so bad that I couldn’t walk him or hold his leash because of how strong he was pulling. We heard about Happy Tails through the signs at Partridge Creek and decided to meet them one Friday for Pup Prance! We immediately saw how well-behaved all the dogs were and signed up for private lessons for Junior. Within minutes, our trainer, Marquel, was able to get Junior to walk better on a leash! She was very knowledgeable and helped us answer a lot of questions we had, even providing a solution for Junior’s fear of strangers coming up and petting him! I can now say that I can walk Junior with no problems whatsoever. During the wintertime I was able to walk him while holding a cup of hot chocolate without having to worry about spilling it. Being able to keep him on command during walks was also helpful with keeping him focused rather than following his beagle nose and even solved issues of rolling around in sand/dirt! we can’t thank the happy tails team enough for making our lives so much easier!!

Teresa Wong
Sterling Heights, MI


I cannot say enough good things about Happy Tails Learning Center for Dogs and our trainer Nick! We are so pleased with the progress our dog has made in just 6 private training sessions. We have a 3 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Knox. Knox is a very timid and anxious dog and barks/growls/ lunges/ runs after dogs, cats, loud trucks, white vans, etc. You name it and it scares him! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to train him properly until this spring but I am so happy Nick came to our rescue! We started sessions at the Happy Tails Learning Center with just Nick and Knox. His method of training was the perfect fit for Knox. After just two, hour long sessions, Knox had learned “Sit” “Down” and “Heel.” I worked with him daily for at least 20 minutes practicing our commands and slowly introducing the dog/cat/noise distractions. We were able to walk around the block peacefully for the first time in 3 years!! After more training with dogs in a controlled environment, we met at Partridge Creek. Knox is learning to trust other dogs who are on leashes now after Nick taught me how to properly use corrections and praise. We successfully walked through Partridge Creek with only a couple barking/growing/lunging experiences as other dogs walked by. Most importantly, Nick taught me how to control the situation, how to get Knox back in command and how to do this all calmly.I highly recommend Nick and the other trainers at Happy Tails Learning Center for Dogs!!

Shannon Hjelle
Sterling Heights, MI


When we adopted Jackson, I was afraid he wouldn’t learn to walk without dragging me around and ‘marking’ every bush we walked by. After Marquel came and taught us all how to walk properly, he turned into a completely different dog! We decided to get him trained off the leash and it was the best money we have ever spent! We don’t have a large backyard so I will let Jackson run through the fields by our house and when I tell him to heal, he immediately comes running into heal position! When he’s acting up inside, we will put him in ‘place’ and he won’t move until we release him. He’s a completely different dog since training him. I would definitely recommend Happy Tails to everyone! Marquel was the best!!

Jessica Davis
Sterling Heights, MI


We were so excited to get our first dog together… We learned quickly that Stella began to run us.. She was terrible on a leash and made walks more of a headache than a fun family outing… Within 15 minutes of Marquel coming over Stella was walking on a leash like a champ! I tell everyone about happy tails and plan to do more training with Stella soon!

Chelsea Rhodey
New Haven, MI



I cannot say enough good things about Happy Tails! My husband and I researched many training programs, and when we came across Happy Tails we immediately called to schedule an in-home consultation to learn more. Our trainer, Nick, has been amazing from day 1 – we felt very comfortable with him during the consultation, and we look forward to him coming over every week for our next lesson and “homework assignment!” We chose to do in-home private lessons. My husband and I were speechless less than two minutes into our very first lesson: he had our hyper and sassy 10 month old Goldendoodle, Jax, completely under control and walking on a loose leash in the heel position. You can feel Nick’s passion for dogs; he truly loves what he does and it shows! Jax lights up when I tell him that Nick is on his way over. We are so happy with the results we have achieved so far in 4 short weeks. Another awesome perk – Pup Prance at Partridge Creek! It is a wonderful way to put your training skills in action around other dogs, and the encouragement and advice from all of the trainers and fellow dog owners is extremely valuable! WE LOVE HAPPY TAILS & NICK!!


With gratitude,
Stephanie, Bryan & Jax Brooks
Clinton Twp, MI


ShelbyLet me begin with I am not a writer. I am just going to share my experience. I have a beautiful Bull Mastiff. Her name is Shelby and I am so in love with this girl! From the time she was old enough she went to puppy class at a pet store. It was not a good experience. From there, she went to another school where I was told she was “too much dog for me”. A trainer there told me I could not control her. I was beside myself after the classes didn’t work. I tried everything they taught me. But Shelby broke two of my fingers, she would run up behind me and knock me down and Lord, she went crazy when anyone came to the door. I saw Happy Tails on Facebook and called and spoke to Kate (she is awesome). We set up an appointment on Nick. He came out and saw this bad behavior in person and recommended a residency program at Happy Tails. He had his work cut out for him!

When he brought her back to us, I was shocked on how well she did with him. Nick was awesome! He understands the dog but he listens to us, the humans. My dog is not perfect and she will always need us to keep her in line, be she doesn’t jump on us and she listens to us. Nick also ended up desensitizing her (she was afraid of loud trucks so I would take her to daycare on Thursdays when the garbage truck came)… I NO LONGER HAVE TO DO THIS … I tell everyone I know about the remarkable job Nick did and everyone was so nice and caring at the office. We are so thankful and blessed to have Nick teach Shelby and us. Yes, I could go on and on. We are going to get refresher courses as needed, for Shelby and I really miss Nick! I could only wish everyone could have the opportunity to have their dogs trained with trainers at Happy Tails.


Bob & Sharon and of course, Shelby!!
New Baltimore, MI


100% positive experience! We got our puppy Cody from a rescue at 8 weeks. Prior to puppy class Nick came out to our house and meet my family and Cody. Nick listened to what our concerns were and what goals we had for Cody including bringing him to my work with special needs children.

After meeting with Nick we decided we would start with puppy class which was a great way to learn to handle our dog and meet others and socialize Cody with other dogs and people.

After puppy class we started private lessons at the home Nick took the time to make sure that Cody not only respected me but my young children ages 6 and 8 as well. My son is very soft spoken and Cody would take his socks and nip at his ankles constantly. After on session with Nick and my son Cody learned his place and now follow commands given by my son.

I have nothing negative to say! I would do it again and again and have referred several people there already.

Thank you Nick!!


Sheri Nowicki
New Baltimore, MI


I only have 100% positive things to say about our Happy Tails experience. When our family adopted our dog Gracie I knew we would need help with her since I had never owned a dog before. I wanted to find training that would help our whole family take the leadership role in caring for Gracie. I took the advise of a dog-rescue volunteer who said ‘find a personal trainer that can work 1-on-1 with your family, it is well worth the time and expense versus the generic classes.’ I am SO glad I took that advise which lead me to Happy Tails.

We adopted Gracie in May from Last Day Dog Rescue when she was 5 months. She had an adorable personality and was willing to listen from day one. The problem was we didn’t know how to consistently communicate with her; this reinforced my decision to find a trainer to help us. I found Happy Tails and once I met with Marquel, I signed up for lessons to work hands on with Marquel training us. I wanted to know the basics of how to get Gracie and sit and stay, learn to not rush and pull on the leash during our walks, and even more, having her listen when her behavior needs to be corrected. We learned from Marquel that it all ties together.

GracieIn the very first ‘heel’ training, it amazed me how quickly Gracie responded positively. Marquel was incredibly patient with Gracie and my daughters when it came to helping them understand how to use the leash to communicate with Gracie. Each session there after just reinforced what an effective training program Happy Tails has to offer. When we moved on to training the ‘place’ command, where she has to stay placed on a certain spot, it proved to be such a useful command, more than I ever expected. Being a young puppy, Gracie is naturally curious. When at home and trying to get work done around the house, it is priceless to have her work on her ‘place’ while completing my own tasks. This command also comes in very handy when she is out visiting with us. Only 4 weeks into training and she had already learned to listen and sit still when told. In the summer heat of July and August each of us were out and about applying what we were learning from Marquel and gaining the confidence that Gracie can understand each command. There is definitely a learning curve but it really applies to us more than Gracie. The few hiccups of trouble I felt were easily resolved each time I talked them out with Marquel.

Another layer of gratitude towards Happy Tails comes from attending the Friday morning Pup Prance walks at Partridge Creek Mall (free for anyone to attend). Here is where I had the opportunity to meet their other trainers and see each of them work hands on with other clients and dogs. Each week at the mall is a chance to ask questions, discuss concerns, and practice training with other dogs around all the while visiting with other dog lovers. As anyone knows, other dogs in public venues can prove to be one of the toughest distractions to test training/listening. It is always such a great group of people to visit with and share challenges with. At Pup Prance is where I found that each of the trainers are truly passionate animal loving and amazing people. They are so generous with their time and patient with offering experienced advice on every dog challenging situation.

I strongly believe our Happy Tails training has helped strengthen Gracie’s trust in us during this first 5 months in our home. Being a rescue, she came to us very timid about trusting humans. Gracie is now 10 months old and I couldn’t be more pleased with what our Happy Tails training and Pup Prance walks have accomplished in her as well as in us. Having had success at Pup Prance gave me the confidence to bring Gracie to a 5K race at Stoney Creek this past weekend to walk/jog the trail. She handled herself so well, it was a joy to be able to share this experience with her and only being 10 months old, her able to handle the crowd of dogs and strangers. She carries herself with more and more confidence on our walks all the while in ‘heel’ or in controlled ‘free’ walk, no tugging. The results achieved from the behavioral commands we learned of ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘place’, and ‘come’ are so valuable, I can’t say enough at how impressed I am! Each command has to be used and practiced to maintain its effectiveness. This is easier to do than one might think because they all apply to everyday life with your dog. Each and every command has it’s use; the reward of seeing the results keeps everyone in our family using them daily.

I owe Marquel a great big THANK YOU for all the time and effort she offered in training our family. And another big THANK YOU to everyone at Happy Tails Learning Center for Dogs for being the support that allows us dog owners to love and enjoy our wonderful companions even more. I highly recommend Happy Tails without hesitation to any dog owner who wants help getting their dog to understand commands and to behave, be it a newly adopted dog or a well seasoned family dog, if the owner wants it bad enough, Happy Tails is the training center to work with.


Thank you from the Boykin Family & Gracie
Macomb, MI



Bethany rocks . . . she is our dog whisperer! We rescued a year old Fox Terrier mix and Bethany was able to not only train our pooch in good manners, but the pushover owners as well. Lol. We appreciated her kind and very effective approach.

Many thanks, Bethany. You have raving fans in the Dameron Family!

Dawn, Chris and Buddy the Terrier
Clinton Twp, MI




Today Rick and I took the dogs to Partridge Creek Mall for one of their training sessions with Nick from Happy Tails Learning Center for Dogs We are so impressed with their progress. Nick is our Dog Whisperer. Well worth the investment. Can’t wait to show them off over the Holidays.

Sherry Barkatt
Macomb, MI




Nick has not only given our dogs Foster and Chase the loving guidance they needed, he also gave us the knowledge for making them happy obedient members of our pack! We thank you Nick from the tip of our noses to the bottom of our paws!

 Kimberly Janssens
Chesterfield, MI


A little over a year ago after a lot of research, we purchased the most beautiful Portugese water dog puppy from a breeder in Colorado. We have had several dogs over the years including a Maltese, Golden Retriever and a Cavachon. The breeder warned us that Portugese Water Dogs could be challenging. They have high energy needs, are very smart but also needy and sensitive. Boy was she ever correct. As a puppy Picabo was wonderful. She learned to potty train in 2 days and was ringing the bell to go out after 3. We knew as she grew older that we wanted to send her to training as we couldn’t get her to stop pulling on the leash during walks. Our intention had been to schedule her in group lessons however at 5 months as we were looking at options to schedule, she was found to have a shoulder problem needing surgery and we were given a recommendation to hold off for several months until she could recover fully. Fast forward 3 months and we now had a dog well into her “teenage phase” whose initial cute behaviors of chasing and mouthing had now become jumping on me from behind and ripping holes in my clothes in an attempt to get attention. It became impossible to tire her out no matter what we seemed to do. Picabo became increasingly demanding and at times destructive – chewing up pens, furniture and still pulling on the leash. She had also become terrified of loud noises and refused to walk near my husband’s truck after she had gotten scared by a loud engine that had revved near her when she was a puppy.

We knew the behaviors at this point were becoming ingrained and had heard of the Happy Tails program from my mother who had used them for her dog training. We enrolled Picabo in the 2 week training program after much consideration. We wanted a dog that would be well behaved both on and off leash. Our primary trainer was Courtney but all of the trainers at Happy Tails ended up working with Picabo. We received updates and pictures all the while she was in training which was very reassuring. We were particularly impressed that Picabo was taken to the trainers’ homes and out on field trips to simulate real life situations. Nearing the end of the second week, I spoke with Courtney who had recommended Picabo stay a few extra days to assure that her off leash traiPicaboning was complete. Picabo had been challenging to work with much as she was at home. Courtney knew how important the off leash was to us and made sure to advise us for the best possible outcome. At this point, I was a little concerned that maybe Picabo was too old or too headstrong for the off leash training to work. Courtney assured us that this was not the case and that she could be trained.

On the day Picabo came home, the kids and I sat upstairs watching from a window when Courtney arrived. We were instructed to stay inside initially so as not to excite Picabo too much. Courtney proceeded to go through all of the commands Picabo had learned during her 3 weeks – off leash. I watched in complete amazement as my previously poorly behaved dog walked right beside her trainer and followed every command. The true test came when we then came down to greet her and Picabo did not break her command until she was released, despite the fact that she was dying to see us.

The follow up trains and time spent working with Picabo were critical in transitioning her to our care. Courtney was exceedingly patient in training us to take over the reins and also flexible to work our training sessions into a schedule that worked for us.

We are now four months post training. Picabo is a pro with her commands. We are now able to take her up to our cottage off leash and not worry that she will run off and not return. She loves being off leash and we love the freedom to allow her to do this. She no longer pulls on her leash, shys from a revving engine or throws the breaks on when she gets near my husbands car. She is much calmer and happier and so are we.

The road has not always been easy but it has been worth it. We had one hiccup in the transition as Picabo decided she was going to challenge my authority ( I am always the one that she has challenged since she was little being the “mom” and the one who feeds her). She began disobeying every command and jumping on me several months after her residential train. We knew she had not forgotten her commands as she obeyed my husband. It was a very frustrating time. Courtney continued to counsel me on ideas to try with her. When I couldn’t bring the behaviors under control, the owners and staff at Happy Tails brought me in for an intensive session with Nick, Courtney and Kate where they were able to observe the interaction occurring between Picabo and myself and help me work on correcting it. The advice given to me worked and we have returned to Picabo listening to both of her “parents” again.

Picabo is a challenging, smart and wonderful member of our family. Thanks to Happy Tails she is also now well behaved and therefore the stress level in our home is much lower. We cannot thank the staff and owners enough for the training they provided to Picabo and ultimately to us in how to have a “good dog”.


Thank you from the McKenzie Family and Picabo.
Washington, MI


We could not be happier with the amazing staff and the many services provided by Happy Tails. Once we met with Bethany and Princess during our consultation we were hooked, and that is no small feat. It was very clear that Bethany had full faith in their training programs, and had the experience to back that faith up. We had questions and she had thoughtful, logical answers. Everyone there (seriously, we’ve personally met just about everyone) is wholeheartedly dedicated to the well being of all dogs, and their relationships with their owners.

We had been through other training programs before Happy Tails, and I can honestly say, there is no reason to try anywhere else. Happy Tails has been flexible with us and our ever changing schedules, as well as infinitely patient with all of our questions, even long after Nugget’s residency had ended. Since then Nugget has been signed up for weekly walks with the trainers (while we were at work) and that has only served to strengthen Nugget’s poise in the face of a world full of distractions. And as if that wasn’t enough, Happy Tails also puts on the Pup Prance every Friday, FOR FREE! Just because they thought it would be fun! A bunch of the staff Nugget 1(including trainers) come out to the event every week and we all practice with our dogs in a public space with other dogs and people all around.

The staff is there to help you out if you like and of course answer any questions you may have, whether you have been through one of the training programs or not. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Bethany, Courtney, Kate, Libby, Nick, Marquel and everyone else that makes Happy Tails what it is. Thank you very much for everything!  


Jake, Kim & Nugget Callery
Madison Heights, MI


Our lil boy Noah is a beautiful White German Shepherd that has been quite a challenge in regards to obedience training. Noah is very intelligent, determined, strong, and protective yet headstrong and feisty to say the least. Prior to getting acquainted with Happy Tails Learning Center for Dogs, Noah had 3 full obedience training sessions with another trainer. We diligently tried working with him, however our efforts were unsuccessful. We decided to contact Invisible Fence to at least keep him safe in his front and back yard. The Invisible Fence worked wonders! We were pleased that Noah was safe and he was content with his boundaries. All of the trainers who assisted in training Noah with the Invisible Fence boundaries were absolutely great. It was evident that these trainers were extremely knowledgeable in their field. The Invisible Fence trainers informed us that Happy Tails Learning Center for Dogs would benefit our Noah if we were interested. We, however, were in hopes that over time Noah would settle down and we could work with him to his potential. After a few months of continued unsuccessful obedience training attempts we called Happy Tails for assistance.

We are proud to say that Noah has now been successfully obedience trained and our sincere appreciation and thanks goes to Courtney, the specialist who trained him to be who he is today! At the initial meeting with Courtney, I explained Noah’s “I do not want to be obedience trained” status or as Noah would most likely say “Help me, my family does not know how to obedience train me” status. Courtney evaluated him and the training commenced. Courtney’s professional training skills and expertise transformed Noah into a well-behaved beautiful German Shepherd that is full of pride! Noah adores Courtney! When Courtney was scheduled to train Noah, and he knew she would be over soon, he would run to the front door and look for her! We are truly blessed that Courtney came into our lives and successfully obedience trained Noah and allowed his potential to shine!

Excellent job Courtney!

Noah’s family
Rochester Hills, MI


HT Jan Seelinger

Just wanted to take a minute to share my Happy Tails story:

Within the few months following my adoption of my lab-mix Samson, I experienced frustration towards my inability to control his less than stellar behavior (leash pulling, destructive behavior, stealing, counter surfing, and separation anxiety). I decided to schedule an in-home consultation with Happy Tails trainer Nick and within only a few minutes I felt like I had finally found a training plan that fit both Samson’s and my needs. After seeing the confidence and passion in Nick’s approach to training, I decided to sign Samson up for a 3-week Residency program.

This is where my praise for Happy Tails starts and may never end. The care and training that Samson received during his 3-week stay was absolutely astonishing. Throughout Samson’s stay Happy Tails staff kept me in the loop with photos and videos of his progress. I was stunned to see a drastic change in his behavior within only a few days. I was so thankful that the entire staff treated Samson with compassion and truly made him a part of their family. At the end of the residency, Samson seemed like a brand new dog. It was shocking to see my “wild child” so relaxed and proud of his newly found listening abilities.

As a novice dog owner, I was skeptical of my ability to maintain Samson’s astounding training, but Nick was able to teach me how to maintain and further develop Samson’s skills during weekly training sessions tailored to our needs. Nick reassured me that he was only a phone call away, and he was always there when I ran into situations where I needed extra guidance. His support guided me through my transition to becoming a consistent and fair leader for Samson.

Today, I am a proud “dog-mom” to a well-behaved, happy, and relaxed Samson! I am constantly in disbelief at how strong our bond as dog and owner has become through this experience. I highly recommend taking the time to schedule Samantha 1a consultation with Happy Tails. Every day Samson and I continue to reap the benefits of the amazingly dedicated and results-driven group of individuals at Happy Tails. I truly cannot express in words my gratitude for Nick’s commitment and ability to go above-and-beyond throughout our time with him. I know that Samson and I will forever have all of Happy Tails in our hearts!

With many thanks!

Samantha and Samson
Troy, MI



Our experience with Happy Tails has been amazing! The entire staff is super-friendly and extremely helpful. You just know that each and every one of them are dog people — our kind of people!

Willow, our almost 2-year old Longhair Weimaraner, completed a 3-day residency with trainer Bethany. We contacted Happy Tails because Willow needed help with basic obedience and structure; this 3-day residency worked wonders! Willow now heels, walks, sits, stays in place and releases like I’ve only dreamed of for the past year. Bethany has a gift with dogs and we feel extremely lucky to have worked with her. What’s better than one trainer? TWO TRAINERS! Thanks to Marquel for all of her training with Willow, too!

I was rendered speechless during the beginning of our first human training session. I was so in awe how Bethany addressed every one of our concerns with Willow… all I could do was laugh with pride in amazement! Training us as dog owners was equally as important, if not more important. We left feeling absolutely confident that we now had the tools and commands to keep Willow on course with consistent training and the appropriate praise.

Willow is so much more focused in every aspect of her being now. Her eye-contact and listening have improved so much, but the thing that gets me the most now is the look on her face. She seems so much more confident in herself and proud to please us. To me, that’s priceless. In retrospect, it makes me sad to think how confused and sad she must’ve been over the past year in not knowing what we were asking of her, but it’s really a beautiful thing to see what a truly happy dogs looks like. Happy Tails really is the perfect name for this great group of people.

In the past, we tried a different training company (before Happy Tails existed) with Finnegan, our Brittany, but the results are not even comparable. This is why we’ve already signed him up to start his training with Bethany! Another huge plus is that Happy Tails uses social media. We loved getting photo updates and stories of Willow on Facebook and Instagram! If you’ve been thinking about one of the Happy Tails programs but haven’t signed up yet, don’t put it off any longer and start enjoying the well-behaved dog you’ve always dreamed of!

While I don’t know the full details of how Willow’s transformation happened so quickly in less than 72-hours, I’m convinced that Bethany and Marquel are possibly unicorns or know some kind of magic (Willow has been sworn to secrecy). That said, I think Happy Tails should name the 3-day residency “Amazing Adventures in Bethany and Marquel’s Magical Mystery Unicorn Workshop!”

I really can’t contain my excitement… Happy Tails Rule! Indeed. 🙂

Thank you!

Nick + Liz + Willow (+Finnegan’s next!)
Macomb, MI

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I am writing to tell you what a great dog trainer you have in Courtney Hancock.  We have used her for two dogs now and she has given us the tools necessary to turn our good dogs into great dogs.   She is so professional, personable and patient, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.  Specifically she trained me to be in control and to command our current dog and our last one to heel and auto sit.   She has taught us how to deal with and to correct the bad behaviors of our separation anxiety ridden rescue dog.  Thanks Courtney!

Claire Grady

Oakland, MI



We just really want to extend a thank you to the staff at Happy Tails.  The staff is always professional, courteous, friendly and helpful.

A very special thank you to Nick!

Our puppy’s name is Braxton.  He was an absolute handful.  He had typical puppy behaviors but he also had some serious behavioral issues and aggressive tendencies that we were very concerned about.  We were recommended to Happy Tails from our vet (because our vet also was aware of his behavioral issues). These were behaviors that we knew if we did not get under control now we would not be able to keep Braxton.  Nick was fabulous and patient.  He trained us to train Braxton.  We were diligent with our homework and training.  It paid off!  Braxton’s behavior is so much better…we now have control of him.   Nick completely exceeded our expectations with what our goals were and how we wanted Braxton to behave.  He is now a dog that we love, can spend time with and enjoy being around.  Nick truly changed our lives and Braxton’s.  We couldn’t have done it without him…Nick is the best!!

Julie Mosurak

Port Huron, MI




Just want to thank the staff at Happy Tails for taking such good care of Kyoko (Shiba Inu) while he was a resident there for a week. Nick was awesome without him I am sorry to say we would of had to get rid of Kyoko without this training. Although we still have a lot of homework to do we are on our way.  We learned so much from Nick on different things to do when Kyoko is being his stubborn self. Nick had a hard job ahead of him and rose to the challenge. Thank You Nick.

Tammy Miller
Marysville, MI


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I wanted to write to you and let you know about the fabulous time I have had with your Obedience Trainer, Courtney Hancock. I probably need to back up though, because the significance of my experience with her started many years ago. Actually probably before she was even born. It has been one of my dreams to have a very well-trained dog, and a well-trained puppy at 6 months of age would be even better. This vision for me started when I was a child and had dogs that would not listen, would never come when called, and would run out into the street. Living on a corner, three blocks from a high school made this defect of dog character even more painful, cause my little old 7-year-old self would be embarrassed as some neighbor kids yelled through a rolled down window “ Learn how to train your dog!” Well years later, I decided to do just that and redeem my, now ever so intelligent, omnipotent self. So at the ripe old age of 15, without asking, or even God forbid, telling my parents, I decided to take a puppy, when one of my friends rescued a puppy and needed to find a home for it. This would be the perfect opportunity to announce to the world, that I was not a loser, and I would certainly have no problem training my very own puppy. I knew I could do this, because

2. It was MY puppy, and therefore was not contaminated with the lesser evils of my parent’s training methods and

Okay, I’ve decided I’m not going to bore you with the details of that ever so wise decision. Suffice it to say, Hershey was a horrible rotten puppy, who actually come to think of it, did not love me. So I gave him away, again without parental permission, to someone who could give him the life he deserved.

Now here I am, now at the ripe young age of fifty, and I have an eleven-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback. We got Bentley back in October, and the day he came home, I began training him as properly as I could from the Dog Whisperer reruns. But about the time he was three or four months old, I knew with my being this amazing animal deserved what I was never able to provide before. See, we’ve always had dogs, but I was smarter then. I got older ones who were already trained. It was too much with three kids, and our life style. Hmmm, maybe I actually do have some brains. But now, here I was with this fantastic animal, and I knew we were meant to have a relationship that was built on respect and discipline first, and then love.

In comes Courtney. Oh, my word, she is just as cute as a button, and I am telling you, don’t let that fool you. After one hour with Courtney, we were standing in the kitchen wrapping up, and she had one quarter of an eye on Bentley, and said to me “Um, are you going to let him do that?” I’d look down, and he was chewing on his lead, or the table, or something. Okay she really is cute as a button, but smart as a whip, disciplined, knew her priorities, and was consistent. The consistent thing is what I lacked, and I knew I had something here. Beside forty more pounds, and a few more wrinkles, I saw the opportunity to screw up another undeserving animal, or make one of my dreams come true. Courtney is more than a dog person, or obedience trainer. She is a person who makes dreams come true. Yeah, another dream down!!

Even though Bentley really doesn’t need any more obedience training from me, I have decided that my daughter needs it, and now my youngest son, and when I get around to it, my oldest son. One of the hallmarks of a healthy pet is having all members of the household on the same page when it comes to dog discipline. Cesar really is right. When my oldest son Michael yells at me “ Mom, you haven’t trained this dog!” as he allows Bentley to chew on his hands and jump on him, I can say with confidence “No Michael, Bentley is a very well trained dog. It is you that needs to be trained!” Since Bentley was five months old, and I had him out, people, have let me know what an incredibly well behaved dog he is. I am so proud of him and me, and of course Courtney. Now Bentley is a VERY SMART dog, and he is very well behaved.

Judy Gilbert Proud Owner of a well-trained dog, And ability to see talent when it beckons “Are you going to let him do that?”

Judy Gilbert
Grosse Pointe, MI






I have and will continue to recommend Courtney Hancock highly as an excellent dog trainer. I began the monthly training sessions with my 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy, Mitch, because he would drag me around the neighborhood, wouldn’t come when asked and wouldn’t drop an object when I wanted to play fetch with him. At our first training session she had him healing without fail in 10 minutes! He now can walk/heel most of the time without a leash, comes when commanded and plays a great game of fetch! He is now an absolute pleasure to be around. Lastly Mitch loves Courtney too! Thanks.

Kelly Vreeken
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI



The level of professionalism and dedication displayed by Courtney and the entire staff has been amazing.  From basic containment training to helping me have one of the most obedient,well-behaved animals around, I couldn’t be more satisfied, thank you!

Nick Koulchar
Macomb, MI


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